Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sugarpill v MUFE Battle of the Purples, Brown Girl Re-mix

So, in my move to hurry and post pics and swatches of SugarPill, I failed to post the details on how the two purples compared.  Well, as I stated before, the purple has a gritty texture, but is a matte finish.  In addition, they aren't similar in that the MUFE #92 has more blue and SugarPill has more red.  What you can do is apply the SugarPill over a black base or try a dark blue base and that should give a similar result.  To be honest, the colors aren't so different that you would need both.  I will reiterate that for us darker skin tones, we need to build (i.e. pack) on the color a bit more than fairer complexions, but this is a good product, and I don't regret my purchase, and I'm looking forward to playing with these colors a bit more.  I'd also like to give both eyeshadows a go against Ben Nye.  I have many of their matte shades, but have put them to the side in order to try and use up the eyeshadows I have.  I really like posting my cosmetics because it reminds me that there isn't anything I cannot dupe with the items I already have.  Time to save that money for other "habits."  Especially, those things which make a great investment and return.

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