Sunday, March 7, 2010

LUSH Sandstone-Product Review

Grr... I finally opened this soap I purchased during the Christmas sale.  I had kept it in the freezer because I was quite upset the sales assistant transposed my Honey I Washed the Kids with Sandstone.  I wanted a small slice of Sandstone, to try, and a large bit of the HIWTK.  I cannot believe I paid $15.05 plus taxes for this crap.  I was sold this as a gentle exfoliator and specifically asked if it were gentle enough for sensitive skin.  In addition, there was supposed to be a clean citrus scent.  I didn't notice it at all.    I was basically looking for something to help with dry winter skin sloughing.  Well, this soap is like a gel/glycerin bar you see in many bath product stores, BUT, the lower portion is sand.  It's not even soft sand, it's like granite.  I have felt sand on my feet and this is not like that at all, it's like sand at the ocean.  It's so hard on my skin it's painful.  I have a right mind to throw it through the store window, ugh!  What's more, I am not using it in my bath, but when I used it in the shower, it gave me a bruise, and left sand on my floor board.  Great... Sand in the shower.  I wouldn't even give this away, but I will cut the sand portion off and use the other 2/3 of the bar because it was so bl**dy expensive.  I do not recommend this for anyone under any circumstances.  I will also reiterate I buy my products on my own and am not affiliated with anyone; however, I cannot stress enough not to use this on your skin.  I use a ped egg on my feet, and I used this after and it was still to rough and my feet are dry.  I don't think LUSH should sell this to anyone, but maybe there are people who can benefit from this.  I guess if I had to remove paint, or street art from a window, this may help, but it would definitely scratch the glass.

Note to self, never let anyone try to sell you something you have not investigated thoroughly, and always cross check your purchases.
  (see the sand)


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