Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product Review: Black Opal Oil Blocking Powder

*\0/* Yay for finds that work!  I am not one who likes gimmicks.  I know enough about my skin and how it reacts to know, there are very few products which can actually block oil on my skin.  I am going through some sort of skin crisis at the moment.  I am still oily as Crisco, but the skin around my mouth is ridiculously and embarassingly dry.  It's absurd.  When Rite-Aid had a 25% off all cosmetics deal a month back, I took the liberty of trying some of the products from Black Opal.  It's a great line which is targeted to women of darker ethnicities and it's not very expensive and the products work well.  If you're a packaging and gimmick sort of lass who enjoys the pretty designs, sexy logos, etc.  You won't even flinch and will pass this by rather quickly.  For me, I need products which attempt to do what they promise.  All skin is not created equal.  For example, my skin is oily.  Nothing over the counter will slow down the production of sebum from my physiological makeup in my body.  This means, I don't purchase a product based on its sales pitch.  I look at the ingredients and see if they are compatible with my sensitive skin, and then hope that it can help me create a complimentary look for my routine.  Again, all skin is not created equal.  So, for me this product met my expectations, not that I didn't need to blot oil throughout the day, I did.  I didn't need to as often, but the oil still came.  What this product did for me was what I had hoped Make Up Forever's HD powder would do.  Unlike, MUFE, I do not get a white cast if I don't buff the crap out of my face to get the transparent finish as promised.  This product allowed me to take either my stippling, or buffing brush, tap it not the cap and lightly brush over my face for a flawless and somewhat matte finish.  It doesn't get cakey, nor does it add color.  It gives me a "finished" look. It hasn't been warm enough for me to determine if this is something to hold off on during the spring/summer months, when I like having a natural finish to my face.  The price was good, but that was due to the 25% off discount so I spent less than $5.00.  The product will last me a long time, and I would really recommend this product for all skin types.

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