Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Believe the HYPE!

So....I have not been able to blog for a good long time.  I love to have a place of my own to extend positions which don't bode well on my regularly scheduled "forums" but, I'm getting really tired of the hypocrisy in the beauty industry.  I've spent the last week in the ICU with both parents.  So, I think that could be some of my frustration *disclaimer to exit now*
Well, seeing people so raw and vulnerable is heartbreaking.  My mum taught me the proper techniques with makeup for an age appropriate young adult.  I was in high school and could wear mascara, lipstick and powder.  I did what the rest of us addicts did and put on all the other crap when I got to school.  She always knew, but I felt the need to look "cute."  As I'm aging, I'm thinking of all the work it takes for one to have a full face.  Every application precedes with a "primer" that promises to enhance the product.  Why not make a mascara that lengthens or volumizes as opposed to a primer to boost my mascara?  Or, do I really need a moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, mattifier, and corrector to get my foundation right?  Seriously?  Just pause...think for a second?  Do you really think it takes all those steps to get those lashes in the adverts?  Of course not!  The falsies, mascara and boom you're done.  Makeup artists do not have time to do all those steps, believe me.  Why?  Because I don't have the billions of followers, ad revenue or endorsements.  I can't lose what I don't have.  Real talk, if you've seen some of the "commercials" on YouTube, you will see a pattern.  Do you think Hot Miami Styles (HMS) is making as much money as they are spending to promote their tacky clothes?  If you are into those looks great, but don't invest money thinking you're going to get more than a few wears.  Screw it!  Bypass HMS, who is a few paces below F21, and find an Asian owned boutique and you can get the same thing.  What's more, those clothes are ugly.  Only a few look like they fit properly, and the dresses are too short!  If you're wearing a dress that hits your thigh when you stand, you deserve to be called out and no, no one's jealous, you just look trashy.  Just because one can, doesn't mean you should. 
Embrace your flaws.  As long as we keep buying these things which are nothing more than snake oil, they will continue to saturate the market.  We, as consumers, are stupid enough to get on the bandwagon and "make it work!"  Make things work if you have it already,  but if you go buy something and it already needs work, put it back.  See Madge?  She doesn't looks so hot in the photo on the left right?  Well, she is over fifty years old, she has three children, probably runs a few businesses, not to mention her music, humanitarian efforts, work outs, events, and trying to get a social life.  Again, she's 50 and has been in the "life" for almost thirty years.  So, if you're in your twenties and living life in the fast lane, add the marriages, tabloids, extreme diets, etc. what do you think you would look like during a photo shoot that probably was early in the morning fresh from the airport, with jetlag et al?  Exactly, but since we don't want to acknowledge wrinkles, we photoshop the images, and lie and say that the person has a skin cream that Egyptian monks pray over, and is laced with real gold from the fountain of youth.  GMAFB!  Stop it!  Not because I have anything to gain, but as long as we sign up for it, and believe it, they will continue to sell this crap and leave our self worth in their accounts.  We should be appreciated for who we are as a whole, not just physically.  I find it sad George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Simon Cowell and many more, are praised as these sex gods who get the gorgeous girls, but if a woman does the same, she's "past it."  Look how desperate these housewives look in trying to stay twenty.  We age, let's live a good life, and know that we don't have to be the fairest, the thinnest, or the richest to have value.  Snap out of it, in fact, stop trying to be anyone you aren't because you are fine just as you are.  Believe it!
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