Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Update: Mega-Tek Rebuilder

I won't even lie, this product scared me to no end, and I'm still waiting for cravings for a bale of hay, or red apples and carrots to happen.  I am floored at the things women do for hair, but I guess watching my mum iron her hair on an ironing board should have been a hint.
I heard about this product from hair boards, and posted my initial review.  It is safe for humans but I can't say I wasn't ready to lie and say I had a horse named "Swift Sally Sunday" in the stable who had bumped against the wall a few too many times and developed a bald spot.  I "borrowed" my co-workers story, so that's why I could create a story faster than you can say "what?"
I am impressed with this product so far. 
Your hair will grow
Has a nice scent
Is safe for humans
Works as a leave in or can be rinsed out
Noticeable hair growth
Hair is stronger...
Your head will itch like you have hives
It makes your hair hard albeit stronger
Price (this product isn't cheap)

Overall I would definitely recommend this product.  I hate that you will itch like a crack head when you use this as a leave in; I have never rinsed it out.  I'm not sure I'm using it properly, but for me, I have a regimen for deep condition, and this leave in is perfect if you are hiding your hair.  At first, I was thinking my hair had not grown but that this stuff was striping my hair thus the new growth.  Whilst stretching, it's quite difficult to delineate where the change begins.  Right now I've got a new perm and will be able to ascertain how much growth I've achieved.  In addition I will have photos of the start of finish as I'm using the stretch, hide and Crown and Glory method.


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