Saturday, March 6, 2010

Move over LUSH, ONE is here!

I love when I'm having a crap day, and I find a product which makes day!  I heard all the hype about LUSH so, when one opened near me, I was more than happy to give their products a proper go.  I wrote, and will reiterate, I was not impressed.  I don't know if it's because I find baths relaxing, but don't feel they make me clean.  In fact, the thought disgusts me, but ... So, I'm out looking for a sale on the MAC 188 dupe which is from Studio Tools and on sale but, no joy.  Then, I find this product by One and was curious because I'm simply nosey like that, and it had me curious.  The smell was divine.  I wish they had candles, because I love sweet, citrus scents in my home especially after cooking now that I'm going vegetarian and vegetable have a scent that's off putting.  I really love the products I purchased as well.  They were on sale, so I got them all for less than $10.00!  I was so happy, I came home and did research to read more about this company.  At first, I thought they were shady, because the email on the package didn't work, and I couldn't find anything about them.  Usually, if I like something it's been reviewed ad naseum so, I knew I was late to the game.  I called the number and it didn't seem legit, so I felt duped.   I tried a few people on Twitter, searched Target's website, and nothing.  What the french?  Then, the next day, I called and was transferred to "Mark" who was so kind.  He offered to send me a product they didn't have a Target and I declined.  I told him it would negate my credibility due to FTC disclosure rules.  I buy and review my own stuff and don't feel right accepting anything free.  It seems to always have strings and I get a sense of pride that ALL my reviews, and products have been bought by me. 
The massage bar is similar to the one at LUSH, what's more, the tin was free!  Unlike at LUSH where you have to pay extra.  The after shower relaxing bar is not my favorite since I don't care for Lavendar at all, but it does make my skin so soft.  I don't think the conditioner will be a staple for my hairtype, but it is good for wrapping your hair or as a co-wash.  The only negative I can see people taking issue with is that it's made in China and not fresh like LUSH.  There is no expiry, and you will have sulfates, so that isn't great, but I predict this product will get a lot of love soon, and I would recommend and will repurchase this

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