Friday, March 5, 2010

Sugarpill Review for Women of Color or Darker Skintones!

Sooo...Everyone is blogging, tweeting, vlogging about Sugarpill.  Before anyone who might read this asks, here is my disclaimer.  I watched a review by Petrilude.  His skin is dark and although not as dark as mine, I thought the swatches might give me an idea about how these products would work on my brown skin.  I asked in the comments if he felt this would work on darker skin tones and didn't get a reply.  I remembered the drama about gurus not having time to reply to comments, how many subscribers, etc and was not about to get checked.  So, I decided to just purchase this myself.  I have no affiliation with Amy, Shrinkle, or anyone on the internet.  I am pretty much non existent, but I am a makeup artist and a consumer.  I have never been so much as asked to review a product and I have no cyber connections.  So, I am not paid, I am not friends with, or am I trying to suck up to anyone this is something I did so other women of color could get an idea about how this product would work for them. That said, I live in the same proximity as the owner, in Northern California.  I won't go into all the packaging, price, etc. because it's been done and I don't want to repeat what has already been said.  I ordered the product about five mins after Petrilude's video on a Sunday and received it about a week later.  I did appreciate the thank you note because my name is quite long and she didn't have to include a handwritten note, but that made me smile.  The texture is smooth and not chalky for almost all of the colors.  The purple and red are a bit more gritty but that has to do with the ingredients and not the pigmentation.  I will say the colors do not go on as opaque for us darker tones, but as Vintage or Tacky stated, the colors are buildable.  It will take more than a swipe to get the full effect.  I think I swiped the most for the yellow "Buttercreamcupcake" than I did for any.  I have many matte yellows, and this one is better than Chrome Yellow but I won't compare and indepent  and new company to Make Up Forever, that's not really a fair comparison, but I did include photos.  I like that this girl put a lot of work and detail into this line, and it shows.  Plus, she's local and if I'm going to spend money, I'd rather it be here and for someone who is trying to start an honest business as the market is saturated with so many items from China.  I am happy for her.  The price will be something people will struggle with, which has been said.  I do agree that you get  a great value and for me, I will pay more for a shadow if it works.  I have spent loads on products I had to "make work" by using a base, primer, etc. and with these I didn't use any primer and the only difference is flash vs no flash.  I would recommend these if you want an in your face matte bold color.  She will be introducing neutrals, but I can get those without a problem.  Don't be put off in that her demographic is a bit more ecclectic, think product.  I am very please with my purchase and hope that other people are the same. 


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