Thursday, December 10, 2009

I took a different route to catch the train home today and ta da...they have the Christmas tree up on the lawn.  It's so beautiful albeit slightly anorectic.  It's sort of like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree; however, in the evening it's so pretty andto  I don't tend enjoy the Christmas season.  I can look at this tree and it makes me feel really happy and that's not easy to do these days!What's more the storm brought snow!  Snow?  Snow!  I love it, but some people are bundled up so tight they make me cold and I quite like the cold.  I'll take cold over heat any day.  I am having such a nice time walking through the Capital.  The music in the stores either makes me feel angry or sad, but the music at the Capital is quite refreshing.  What's more, there are so many people who are gravitating around to observe and take photos it makes my people watching more interesting.  I really wish I was on some committee responsible for tourism or something. 

(the Capitol building from the west steps)

(watching the sundown on my way home!)
Some people, including me, don't really know how lucky we are.  All it takes is a dream, a heartbeat and a desire to have a new day, a new beginning and a new start.  I had heard about another ugly high jack of youtube guru Fafinettex3's account and it bothered me.  Not because she and I are affiliated, I don't really watch YouTube since there has been so much ...well, it's different than it had been in the past.  I don't enjoy them, or I need a break, but Aubrey is building her account from a tragedy and looking for a "fresh start."  That's a great attitude and I am a firm believer that people can start over as long as they have a desire and a heartbeat.  I may not be completely content where I am, but I am very fortunate with the little bit that I do have.  I may even start watching video's again :)

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