Monday, December 14, 2009

L'oreal HIP Studio Secrets

I did a lot of shopping for my friend overseas and whilst looking for something else, I came across this from L'oreal.  They were buy one get one free and I purchased a few since I like HIP as an alternative to high end brands.  They are from L'oreal's HIP line but are called Studio Secrets.  I also noticed they had the regular line at 75% off.  I don't know if this is part of a repackaging or restructuring of L'oreal; however, if you like their original line, I'd buy them now or you can wait for them to appear at the dollar stores as there have been sightings.
I applied the swatches without primer and used my finger and did one swipe per swatch for each color.  I can say the formulation is markedly different.  While the product is softer, it has an odd texture.  It feels like there is more oil or binding in these.  I can't explain, but Victoria's Secret has shadows with the same feeling.  The reason I don't like it is, you can't get a lot of product with a brush.  There isn't the powder/chalk feeling, but you get more product by using a sponge tip applicator and there is also buildup.  I don't know what this trend is, but I'm not fond of it.  If you notice the swatches are smooth, rather they are crumbly like creme glitters.  If you have been to Claire's they have shadows with this formulation and you will first thing it's silky but then realize it leaves a residue/buildup on your finger.  The pigmentation is horrible.  You have to use a base to ensure you get the color you see.  The lavender and silver one on the right?  I'd compare that purple to Parfait Amour by MAC.  It's quite pretty; however, with the prices at drugstores, I'd suggest you save the money and purchase something with better pigmentation.  I realise MAC is hit and miss, but there are loads of brands I'd recommend.  If I were to rate this on a scale of one to five and five is the best, I'd give this a one.  If you do purchase this, buy from a store which has a return policy.  If you have purchased this and have made it work, let us know what you did.  Although I don't believe in spending money to make a product work, I may send these as stocking stuffers for my neice.

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