Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urban Decay + Alice in Wonderland = LOVE!

I made the dumb mistake of reading twits from Urban Decay and they mentioned a palette which would be released the 28th of December.  That's this Saturday!  I knew it would be the Alice in Wonderland palette, but I was hoping I was wrong.  Why?  Why must Urban Decay do this to me after the holidays?  I have been making shopping a sport.  It's been exhausting chasing all these limited edition and "spotted unicorns" all over town.  I could not believe I found Photo Ready before many of the bloggers I follow.  If they had asked  for a CP, I would have done so.  When I "make it big" I promise to send CP's to people who can't get items in their town, country, etc. (pinky swear)  So, after finding the Wet N Wild Naughty and Nice palettes, (post to follow) I am obsessed with this Alice in Wonderland palette.  Not because I need any of it, but there have been so many collaborations with designers, merchandise (Sanrio's "Hello Kitty") and many, Ungaro, did not really have meaning for me other than to "collect."  Alice in Wonderland was my favorite storybook as a little girl.  I loved the characters she came across when she fell down the rabbit hole.  I confess the Chesire Cat still creeps me out to this day, but knowing that it was all a dream was so amazing given how vivid the story was.  I have and still have those dreams which feel so real that when I wake up, I'm still a bit shook.  The palette will cost me more than the Book of Shadows II at $52.00 USD and tax!  But, if I never buy another item, I have to have this one.  I love all the palettes and shadows I have had by UD. They are very pigmented, and smooth but what's more, the palette has a pop out and mirror!  Come on, how can I ignore that?  That's extortion!  So, my last big buy (please God) will be this and since it will be at ULTA before the 1st, I'm cool to start an official "low" buy before the new year starts.  Look at how pretty this bit is..

Can you blame me for wanting this?  Sure, it's a dupe for many, many of the things that I have, but who will sell me the palette sans shadows?  Plus, it's limited edition and Sephora won't have this until after the new year, per UD's tweet!  I am so disgusted in my inability to fall for advertising; however, I have not made a purchase at MAC since the Style Black collection :)  Watch the trailer!

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