Friday, December 4, 2009

If anyone had told me I would be "that girl" you know "Lee press on nails" I would have laughed and then thrown in my style card forever.  Well... after reading and obtaining superior results from wearing protective hair styles, I wondered if it were possible to obtain similar results from sporting "protective nails."  I have been  wearing press on nails from KISS.  But the ones I sport have a "cuticle moons."  Makes the fake nails look more ahem authentic.
I have been wearing them for about three weeks and my natural nails are still strong.  I loved artificial nails, but they are expensive, and quite harsh on my own nails.  They tend to make my own nails weak and thin.  I have begun to take vitamins for my hair and nails so this is a great alternative whilst awaiting for my own nails to grow.  The unfortunate thing is, I prefer these rather than my own nails so I have to cut my nails to ensure my fake ones fit.  The fake ones are not long and the ones which are long are too long, I reckon I could cut them, but they also don't have the fake cuticles.  I guess too much fakeness? 
My method is different than the box.  I don't apply to clean dry nails, I cut my cuticles, and apply nail hardener.  I wait for that to dry and apply a stronger glue (the one in the box is not quite strong enough), then I attach the appropriate size nail and glue it down and press down for about a minute.  Finally, I allow my nails to "cure" for the night before I do anything with water so the glue can dry without manipulation.  I do this routine each Sunday.  The nails last me a good while before the glue has build up which prevents them from adhering properly.  I hope this helps someone!  It's all in fun, I have long thin fingers so the fakes give me a sense of having nicer hands.  The "piano fingers" or "ET phone home" jokes get old after awhile. 

natural nails with top coat

nails set out for each finger :)

nails applied with professional glue

Easy peasy and fake as a $3.00 bill!


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