Monday, December 28, 2009

Wet N Wild Limited Edition (Naughty/Nice)

Every time I see the words "Santa Baby" I hear that Song Madonna did.  I know all the words but this year I don't think I played any Christmas music.  I enjoy Christmas songs, but not in December.  I'm an odd bird in that sense. 
So, I heard about this from the sales person/stockist and he told me they would be on sale, so he set a pair aside for me.  They were only $5.99 plus tax, so I would feel really bad, not purchasing them with the buy one get one.  Even though I know Boxing Day they would be even less.  I am a sucker, but Wet N Wild has raised the bar on drugstore products.  I was highly impressed with the pigmentation and color texture of some of their other limited edition shadows.  I don't know why manufacturers opt not to keep consistent with products, it would benefit them in terms of revenue and reputaiton greatly.  This came with 12 shadows, one lip gloss and a mascara.  The lip gloss and mascara is useless unless you want them for carry ons in your purse.  When I tried the mascara it looked grey.  It didn't do much other than coat my lashes, but I expected as much.  Overall, I am pleased with this purchase, However, I know I won't reach for this much.  It's quite gimmicky.  In addition, I must add that this style of trio will be something you will see more of from Stila for Spring 2010.  It's the same as the Barbie Palette I posted months back.  This collection is not a must have, but it is a great stocking stuffer, gift, or item for anyone on a budget.  The cool palette is highly recommended for darker skinned lovelies.

             (buy one get one)
                                                               (Stila loves Barbie?)


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