Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Physician's Formula "POP" Enhance Eyeshadows

I have to confess, I have never liked Physician's Formula Cosmetics.  I found them about ten years ago when I was a neophyte in makeup artistry.  They had models who were circa 1950s pinup, with the svelte figures, bright red lips, cat eye liner, porcelain complexions, and wavy hair.  I wanted to emulate that look on my skin.  I wrote to them and inquired about them having a market for women who had tan to dark skin.  Every other line had at least a shade "Caramel" by this time since Halle Berry had become a spokeperson for Revlon.  I never heard back from them.  Usually, I'd get a "Dear Jane" letter or an auto reply thanking me for inquiring, but Physician's Formula sent me nothing, ever.  To this day I still have not heard from them.  But, it's very true when people say, what goes around...I know this product is new for PF, but it was already clearanced to 75% off! 
This product claims to make whatever your eye color, blue, brown, hazel or green, will "POP" with the color combinations.  In their typical style, it is broken into three categories, neutral, playful and dark.  They all  look the same, the last three are the deepest shades, but still varied versions of the same color.  I don't have green photographed, but it's got some nice blue and green shades.  None of them are spectacular, but the payoff/pigment is better when you apply wet.  I would not recommend this product, as the pigmentation takes work, and I don't believe a product should be layered, applied with a darker/lighter base, with a mixing medium, etc.  I must say the L'Oreal singles have a much better payoff than these shadows, and if you slightly bump or drop this, it's gone!

(hazel, brown, blue)


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