Sunday, December 20, 2009

Milani Crystal Eyez Review

I guess I am doing my end of the year shopping.  When I got the Revlon PhotoReady, the nice lady at the store was putting these on display. They were $6.99 and, of course, buy one get one free.  The pictures are a tad dark; however, this is not something I would tell anyone to run out and get.  It is in a gel form, and does not state that it is "eye safe" which poses a concern for me.  In addition, you would really have to layer or use this as an eyeshadow gloss for an evening out.  A rare evening out, like New Year's or Halloween because it's really an odd concept.  Creme eyeshadow would never be so sheer, and it doesn't stay sticky.  In addition, glitter would not be so sparse, which once this is sheered out with a brush or fingers, there's no glitter, and the glitter isn't like other glitters which sparkle and catch your eye, it's rather muted.  Imagine taking hair gel, and putting craft glitter and shaking it up.  Well, that's what this has the texture of.  I waited for it to dry but not too long as I wanted to return it and ask that they take it off their shelves.  I wouldn't give this to my neice to play with on her dolls or use to make me crafts or artwork to hang on my ice box.  This product is one of the worst attempts at becoming new or innovative and to be honest, most of what Milani has been doing since it pulled their original line has left me unimpressed.  I would not recommend, repurchase or even blog about this, but I hope it saves another makeup addict their "allowance" and not be suckered like me.


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