Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sole Mates, everyone needs at least one.

So...perusing a shoe store I saw the most wicked pair of boots evar! :)  I bought the boots!  They were the last pair in my size and they will replace the pair I brought with me from Europe!  But, as I looked closer, what struck me was the heel.  It had this bit of plastic on the spike part which made it interesting to say the least.  I found out the sales assistant had attached a pair of sole mates to them.  They were $6.99 for one pair but I did research and found four pair for $19.99 plus s/h at QVC
I wore the following shoes to work one day and my co-worker told me "those shoes can do damage."  Guess what?  She was right!  Although I don't walk on the grass, which is what these were said to be designed for.  They don't get hooked on the cracks in the pavement when I'm walking across the Capital on my way to work.  One day I may try walking on the grass of the Capital Park, but with the weather being so bad, I'd save it until I know I won't slip on my bum!

(side view)

(from the back...another camera?)

Voila, here is the ensemble!

I would recommend getting them from the QVC store in order to save money, but if you only want black, you may be better off buying one pair from the website.  They come on and off, but I like having a backup/surplus (just in case)!


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