Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Week!

How can this week compare to that of the previous? Well, it can't so, we make the best of each day. After reflecting on the previous week's impact across the world, I present you with a challenge. "Who would you be, if you believed you could not fail?" I want you to really think of that. Don't let the strong holds of external programming get in the way, this is a question that will help you to become that person. To reach new heights, and strive to remember that, you can do it. If my neice can smile and say to me, "I can tell my children they can be whoever they want in life." I think you can do the same.
In keeping with our beauty tradition, I have always believed that I could never do makeup full time. I was told that I was too smart to waste my time doing makeup and that it was a "nice hobby" but there was more in life I should aspire to be. Of course, my parents were going to instill the need for formal education and all the sheepskin (degrees) I could get. They could not afford college and it was not something their parents had instilled in them to become. Well, I have the education, but fashion is my passion. For now it is something I do for recreation; however, I do hope to use my skills to benefit others. I am busy writing a business plan. There is power in writing and there isn't anything I can't do with the help of God and others. I challenge you to feel the same. Whether it's in beauty, finance, childcare or whatever, find out where you can contribute something no one else has to offer and do it.


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