Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Much ado about Nothing

Today has been quite the hectic day, worked on some things for BCC. I must say, I watched the show Blush and was none to thrilled at all. Now I now why my parents were so adamant about me going for formal education as opposed to cosmetology school. I am still trying to think of a non biased way to describe this series for those who may not be informed about how makeup artistry is more than just taking a crayon and applying color to one's face. I was disappointed to hear Charlie Green say as it seems to minimize the importance of makeup artistry. Sure, makeup artists are not on the same level as law enforcement, military personnel or firefighters, but it does feel good to see the face of a woman who can look at herself and smile for the first time as a result of a makeover. I don't discount anyone in any profession, but I believe every job, regardless of what the title, education requirements, etc. can be beneficial to someone in the world for the better. Enough of me and my ever too sensitive gob. Time to work on something for the benefit of all things beauty.
Love yourself first,


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