Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Beautiful Cherubs,
If there was any reason to slow my makeup addiction to a dull roar, it would be the service associates. I am really not into slagging people for simply doing their job; however, I really don't like some of the makeup artist or sales assistants can be quite rude at times. For example, the other night I made a record breaking haul. I felt badly enough for doing so, but what's more is having the sales assistant (SA) give me attitude. I know exactly what I wanted. Trust me, when this feline sets her sight on a purchase of said size, I have done loads of investigative research, poured over many swatches and read many reviews. I find it good form to know what I want and allow the SA to make a sale whilst still having time to work the rest of their prospects. I have even been known to stand to the side and wait for a transaction/sale to complete before asking for my items. I am a well versed shopper. In fact, I determine where and when my purchase will be, where I will park and how to navigate to enter and exit any mall area between the months of October through January.
What's more, I have, on more than one occasion, had to "enlighten" the SA about a product. Maybe me, Jane Q. Blogger, has the time to research beauty boards, get the buzz on latest launches, learn about ways to combat common cosmetic related issues such as mascara clumps, eyeshadow color payoff, brushes or not et al. Call me boring, or maybe I have too much time on my hand. However, I am interested in cosmetics as a non spectator which would behoove me to put in some research before I claim to be any sort of makeup guru. If being an SA pays the bills, get your hustle and keep it moving. BUT! I must say, if you haven't hit a computer, read an article or logged on to one of the thousands of makeup forums, don't argue with me as to whether or not an eyeshadow is a re promote, when I bloomin have last year's version in my arsenal!!! I cannot believe I allowed her to play me like that.
Another thing that irritates me to no end. "Why do some cosmetic companies choose one store to carry their product in?" *cough* Makeup forever *cough, cough* Where I live there is one Sephora in a one hundred mile radius. The employees in that store are not very friendly and the manager takes it personal when you return a product. By the way, excuse me if I can get 100% silica for 1/5 of the price you charge for a high end product that works the same but is more finely milled. What was I thinking?
As a result, it is my choice to not shop there and to make purchases online. Unfortunately, as I keep saying, I try before I buy. I went to have a go at the testers with the lovely (read sarcasm) SA right on my hip. I had a sheet of paper and pen to write down the products I would later buy online. Quite naturally, I am a thief. Let's talk in our ears and make sure there is an all points bulletin so no "live" product is stolen. While doing some swatching, I would jot down some thoughts on the products. No less than three associates asked me if I was a mystery shopper, writing a paper, or experimenting and new to makeup. I had it, so I calmly stated I had had a few bad experiences in their store and the manager told me, "You don't have to shop here and we have the right to refuse anyone from ALL of our stores." I didn't catch a case that night, I just refuse to give them my service.
The point? If you are a cosmetic company (Makeup Forever) please understand not everyone is a) close to a Sephora or, b) likes to shop there and that leaves a certain demographic who cannot purchase your products. Now, if you are not interested in selling to the average consumer at large, you are doing business at a less than optimum level, but that is your right as an owner. Rant over.

Be blessed, encouraged and most of all BE-YOU-tiful


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