Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Friday!

We made it Cherubs!
We had an historic election, several sales to choose from and to think a week ago we were painting faces, and dressing up for Halloween. What a difference a week makes. While trying to refrain from all things beauty, it's still an amazing time for the USA. Regardless of who won, they would have been the oldest male to win, or the first African-American. I find both to have done well and should be proud regardless of the results.
So, for a recap there are still two deals and steals to consider as well as

so don't forget to stock up. I plan to organize my house this weekend, catch up on my list of things to do and spend some quiet time reading. I have a coupon for Borders for 30% off and I love books as much as I love makeup. I think my imagination is triggered by reading, thus giving me ideas for my many looks. Please have a safe weekend, and believe in yourself and stay beautiful

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