Monday, November 17, 2008

Here is the Hair

Happy Monday,
I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend. I know I was rather busy, hence the catch up on our blog. I decided whilst doing my weekend hair routine, I should capture a photo of my own hair to post for you all. Although I currently, have no followers, not to worry. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about posting what a wet panther looks like out of the shower; however, how else can I let people know that one canhave Afro textured or 4B hair, with a relaxer and have length?
I have not had long hair all my life. When I was a little girl, my mother didn't have any clue as to what my hair needed for growth. I had the same length of hair no matter what I tried. I went natural, I had a curly perm, I have had every relaxer on the market, I went to the most expensive hair salons, et al. Not until I let my hair alone and learned to condition it did it begin to grow. Trust me when I say but for the love and grace of God do I have hair. I used a perm and wound up with bald spots on more than one occasion. I used to wash my hair with detergent like shampoos and neglect conditioning. I would color my hair jet black to blonde to blue black all in one week. I could have purchased a home for a family of five with the amount of money I spent on hair products. But, to any of you who may come across this blog, you can grow your hair and you don't have to spend a ton of money. In fact, I have used the simplest methods to get growth and as this blog grows, I will post my technique and the products which have benefit me most. So, now that I have proven the myth black women cannot grow hair or that our hair somehow stops growing and the rest is fake to be rubbish, I feel better knowing I can testify to that fallacy which has been instilled in our heads (no pun intended) for so many centuries.
With love,


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