Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nano did not work for us

Nanoworks by Pureology is a hair masque I had read about and it appeared to be somewhat of a cult favorite on many beauty boards I followed. They had it at Ulta and I finally got the nerve to grab it. It was about three weeks ago, I had just given myself a touch up. I still had my holy grail products and since I'm being prudent, I refrained from my product junkie ways. I cannot count how many half used hair products are under my bathroom sink.
Well, last Friday night, whilst beginning my usual hair regimen I decided to break out this product. In my mind I envisioned myself having locks transformed equivalent to Rapunzel. See below:

But instead I looked like the following:

I was devastated! My hair was in dreadlocks. I had gone from smooth silky hair, to hard hair with so many snarls and tangles I thought I was going to have to shave it off. I don't think my hair is my life; however, it's sad when you can't donate it to Locks of love because of the condition the hair is in.
What was the Panther to do? I sucked it up like a true feline and cried. I grabbed my go to holy grail products and attempted to detangle. For an hour I slowly detangled the hair working from the bottom on up. It was horrifying to see how much damage I did to my hair. I'm surprised the hair could be salvaged, but it was. I do need to have a proper trim though. I fear the ends may spontaneously combust and catch fire if I don't.
Let this be a lesson to you all, if it isn't broken don't try fixing it. That's money I could have saved for something that does need work, like bills, car repairs, text books and shoes :)

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