Monday, December 22, 2008

B.P.'s Definition of Beauty...

Hello Cherubs!
How many more days until Christmas...? I know, "It's the most wonderful time of the year...." But I'm not feeling it felines, I really can't shake this.
I was prowling about this weekend and saw a woman in a craft store and haven't shaken the "experience" yet. The cashier was being indignant and decided to call for back up on my return. I have finally gotten strong enough to return things, I no longer fear the wrath, disdain or often misplaced frustration of the sales assistants; however, when back up came, I noticed she had the prettiest blue eyeshadow on. So, what's the big deal? The young lady was absolutely beautiful in an ever so innocent way. She was not the stereotypical beauty. Being that I think CONSTANTLY, I kept looking at her and her shadow was a bold blue, not blended and what's more, she had glasses quite thick so it was making the shimmer muted. I also noticed she had dark facial hair on her chin, but for some reason she had the most angelic face. I know it may sound smug to point out flaws but define her as beautiful, as if I am so perfect.
The point precious, is I see beauty in everyone and what society may see as a flaw, I can recognize it's there, but that does not have to mean a person is less beautiful. I've always thought the "beautiful people" were meh, but love the unconventional looks most women struggle with.
I really wonder how many of us want to change our appearance based on societal images, not realizing those "flaws" may be what make us unique? I have never been the "beautiful one" hence, my love for cosmetics. It was a way for me to change my appearance as well as a method of communicating. Since I tend to be extremely introverted and analytical, I found by turning the focus on someone else would take the pressure off me.
It is my hope people will finally get over the outside world and focus on how they contribute as a person. Makeup is absolutely fun, I love the skills I have learned, working with others, watching transformations, but it doesn't define anyone, it washes off and the real feline is still lovely.



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