Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello Gorgeous,
I have missed you all so much. The CATharticness of writing about beauty is amazing. I dread to admit that beauty is something essential in my life; however, it's been a part of me and something I truly enjoy. I think what I do is an expression of one of many art forms. Whilst on my training, I found myself drawing often and experimenting with my designs when I got home.
This week I'm really impressed with the product resurrected from my stash I haven't reached for in years. It's my Jessie's Girl Eyedust, and it's really quite nice. It is finely milled, has a smooth consistency and I don't find it better than MAC; however I do think it's great quality.
On the downside, the packaging is not my favorite. I find it to be quite messy. Some people like sifters and others don't. For me sifters work better at keeping the residual from spilling to other areas. I waste product every time I open this as it falls onto my hand, the sink and because it is so finely milled it lands everywhere. This is not a huge deal as what can one expect from a loose shadow to be honest? But, I see myself looking like a scene in Scarface if I drop one of these jars on the floor! That is why I love sifters for loose powder.
I looked on the website and the only retailer is Rite Aid; however, I think you can make purchases online. In addition, there are several excellent reviews on Youtube which include swatches. I am wearing the blue/red on my lid and a purple in my crease and it looks brilliant. The pigmentation is really good on dark skin and it's not creased or faded.
In addition, I suggest the lip gloss for you felines who like to rock gloss, I find them to be similar to MAC's Dazzleglasses and only run $3.99 plus tax.
I know this is rather worthless without pictures; however, I leave at 6.30 a.m. and between the bus, train, and cubicle, I don't feel photogenic. I am working on that character flaw and soon you will be roaring for me to stop cam whoring *smiles*

Stay Beautiful,


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