Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nailed It!

Hello Gorgeous,
I am still working through the bloomin winter woes, as I refer to them; however, I am dedicated to keeping you lot apprised of all things beautiful.
Recently, my obsession for makeup has branched off to another form of beauty. I have always been a diligent feline about my paws. I have cult faves for moisturising my skin which, this time of year, seems more necessary than usual. So, what's my addiction? Nail Art! I happened to be watching a lovely YouTube fave and noticed her nails. They were the most beautiful claws a cougar could want. The length was purrfect, the paws *cough hands cough* were long and slender and ever so purrfect.
In the course of purchasing my hair conditioner I noticed the brand China Glaze was next to O.P.I and the sales assistant stated she preferred the China Glaze over O.P.I. When I asked her if it was just the price she indicated the price was a factor; however, the base coat was more important to the longevity of natural claws as opposed to those with artificial coating of any sort (i.e. silk, acrylic, fiberglass, etc.) and if I had a good base I would be happy with China Glaze.
So...I purchased the China Glaze and they were buy two get one free and still less than a bottle of O.P.I. *YAHOO* I love a bargain!!!
Quite naturally, I wasn't satisfied and my constant thinking brain did not shut off for a moment. Less than a block away there was another beauty product store, and with my discount it would be a tad more, but I just had to do a comparison. So I got one of the French editions which is a dupe of the China Glaze. The result were correct! I got more mileage out of the China Glaze and it's still not chipped one week forward.
I still wasn't done though. I had to do more research and read tons of blogs and makeup boards and then watched a lovely gal, Iamgrape1119 on YouTube and I'm happy to report China Glaze is now a black panther approved product!

Stay strong, fierce and beautiful,


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