Friday, December 12, 2008

It's *finally* Friday!

Dearest Beautiful,
I am very saddened this week, which is apparent by the lack of pizazz in my blog for frisky felines. Today, I was really sad in hearing of the passing of Bettie Page. I am not one who follows icons; however, I do like women of a certain era. I read about Ms. Page and her story was tragic in so many ways, yet at the time she was still alive. What a ferocious feline! She had endured and prospered and survived so much, the rest of us look like feral kittens in comparison. Even the lioness Angelina "Mother of All" Jolie, looks shy in comparison to the fierce B. Page.
Incidentally, I have been uninspired by today's fashion. Not that it takes someone too inspire me, I'm often inspired by nature (true panther)moreso than by replicating another's art. I think the state of the global economy has taken a bite out of my usual playful attitude. My heart is torn by the political, economic and seasonal climate.
Each day someone went missing, is found dead, has been caught in corruption and to my left, there is more foreclosing, requests for buyouts, job losses, and I see people struggling to feed their kid(s), pay their rent and utilities, pay for their tuition and even one of my favorite YouTubers was doing a video with layers and layers of clothes, in her cave with a fire and still could not stop her nose from running due to the temperature being so cold. It took my little joy away since YouTube is a huge part of my research for all things cosmetics, beauty, health and social networking.
Maybe I do need to have less compassion and thicker skin, but it's quite hard watching the world seem to be in an economic nosedive.
Don't forget to think of your fellow felines this holiday season. If you see someone and are tempted to diss, growl or bite back, give them a pass right now. We are all in this together, and if we want to see change we need to be change.

Meow for now,


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