Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Christmas=^..^=

Hello Beautiful People!

I am taking this moment to say, "Thank you." No matter who you are you are important to me if you are reading these words.

I am supposed to be posting a response to a tag but, people can be @#&holes and not respond to my requests for information. I have no clue how to post and edit a video. I just learned how to operate a camera even though I purchased three. So, tonight, I am reading the directions and will learn trial and error. I will learn to edit, crop, zoom and eventually post a video. But, for some odd reason I don't have the gene that learns gadgets easily. Why is it so hard for me to figure out simple electronics? I'm not vapid or vacuous by any means but this sucks and it frustrates me more that I have to solicit help. But, what gets me, is people are not one to help. Out of 12 requests, one person offered to give me the small clue on how to take a photo, crop it and post it. It was simple, she did it in one sentence and ended with let me know and HTH. I could and would have given her my camera. Why? Because she ACKNOWLEDGED me. How desperate is that? I'm not one to ask, so cherubs, if I ever ask for anything, which I hope not to, please know there is a reason behind it. I have not accepted a dime from my parents since October 6, 1999! No presents, gifts, tuition, rent, nada! Why? It was thrown in my face once that XXX amount of dollars were spent on me and I may be many things but I am not a nuisance.

Having a bit of a rant feels good, but this is not the place for it, my other blog is catered to life, "as told by me" and this is and will remain your place for one stop inner and outer beauty. This is my gift back to all of you, and I will pinky swear to keep this blog all things beauty, updated, and informative and, "coming soon" loads of photos, swatches, comparison pics and more. Maybe even a tutorial or two.

Stay Beautiful and Paws just because,


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