Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brunette? Blonde? or Redhead?

Beautiful You,

Here is yet another collection from MAC set for launch January 8th. I found this information on the beauty blog board and am really hoping it will meet all of your expectations. Fortunately, this panther has her felines set on slimming down and this doesn't mean just my waist, but my stash. I have reorganized my beauty buys in hopes of posting swatches, looks, comparisons, and was very embarassed to find I have repurchased so many items, not to mention the colors are so similar it is laughable.

On the plus side, I have seen stashes which make mine look anorectic at best :) I find myself using these lovelies as justification when I do want to make that compulsive buy. I think quality of the purchases I have made are rather impressive and the quantity may lessen, but that's a good thing. In addition, it's quite embarassing to have a makeup store in my home. The places I have found makeup is really quite embarassing. This morning I found lipliner in my freezer, a foundation in my refrigerator and now I have my camera in my glove box. Hmmm...

Stay beautiful and Happy Holidays!


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