Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Madness and sales galore

Hello Gorgeous!
Thankfully, I had family in town and being they are a tad bit older, I did not, I repeat did not do any hauling for makeup during my absence. I did, however, make a tiny purchase on Sephora because they were kind enough to send me a $15.00 gift card and I used a code for free shipping. See, I am a smart shopper these days. I have figured out how to search for codes and to stack them. In my opinion, getting a $15.00 or 20% is the nothing since shipping costs are dead high. So, if I can find a code for shipping, I can get a discount as long as it is for something I need.
Granted there was not one bloomin thing I needed at Sephora nor will I for the several years to come, I did find that there was a hair conditioner I had had success with in the past, so I ordered it.
In other beauty news, Coastal Scents is having their version of Cyber Monday, yet again, I am not really keen on their palettes *gasp* and the only justifiable haul will be that of my lovely Make Up Forever. I love that line and you lot know how I feel about their lack of availability. That was a rant which needed to be released.
In other news, I am really working on my makeup an photography skills in hopes of posting some really gorgeous FOTDs. As it is, I'm not good with the camera, I'm just figuring out how to set the timer and trying to look "sexy" in the process is a joke. How do you beautiful cherubs do it?

In other beauty news, I was watching a morning television show and the host was discussing how to get access to discount designer gear and low and behold, I have been invited to Rue La La. This is an "alleged" invitation only website which features discounts on very high end labels for a fraction. Unfortunately, once I got past the login, secret password, etc. I found none of the items appealed to me. I felt horrible since I was practically liking the television set while watching the display of garments, shoes and bags which were featured. Oh well...there are still sales to be had, and why spend money on something for the sake of a discount, if I am not keen on the item any way?
Lastly, my lovely lions, tigers, panthers and kittens, I will be doing weekly features. I haven't sorted out the details, but, this will be something of interest on a beauty, fashion, Youtube, product, designer or featured guest.

Stay tuned, but stay even more beautiful!


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