Thursday, December 4, 2008

Move over Mac?

I learned about a new (to me) line of cosmetics from the makers of Kryolan and am more than happy to say, "I cannot wait for it to fly from the shelves of a department store near you!" At the time, it's only available at Selfridge's and the line is called Illamasqua and is very promising. How it compares to MAC is yet to be determined since only our felines in Blighty have access. I tried the link, and it was a no go. In the event it was a bad connection find it go to my favorite place. Where you ask? YouTube frisky, where else? They have their own channel and you will be as mesmerised as I was. I am sharpening my nails just itching to get my paws on those lovely pigments.
In related news, the beautiful Russian feline Xenia launched her own line of cosmetics limecrime and the reviews and purr has been quite impressive.

Meow for now!


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