Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Makeup, Makeup and more Makeup!!!

Dearest Cherubs!

The fiercest of them all has come to an acceptance. I am an addict. I am powerless over my addiction and only God can remove the obsession.
Duly noted I was absent yesterday, but internally I had a struggle of which I am not proud. The addict had a slip and substituted heroin for morphine. I cheated on makeup with....wait for it...NAIL POLISH!!!!! I am so ashamed. I can't believe I bought one color three times. I was out of control, out of my mind and feel a twinge of remorse.
PSA Sally's carries China Glaze nail polish for a fraction of the cost of O.P.I. and many a nail fiend has indicated the results are equal if not better of the likes of both Essie and OPI.
Back to my misery. I had my fix two nights in a row, thanks to Youtube once again, and found some quite attractive designs for my natural nails. My poor pooch felt so neglected he was mounting "Wanda" the kitten again. What has Ms. Black Panther done to her fierce fastidious fancy for frugalness? She has given in to the evil of all things beauty once again. What's more, one received this:

The softest, smoothest way to sharpen your graphic edge. Highly pigmented. Vibrantly rich. Combined with the right tools it provides the precise gel-based medium you need for body painting, or the simplest, most colourful line.

A waterproof gel/cream liner that provides all the smooth graphic benefits of a liquid liner. Creates precise, long-lasting lines of intense colour with dense matte coverage. Versatile palette offers both vibrantly bright and...More
Click on a swatch for details.
Landscape Green
Marine Ultra
Rich Purple
Basic Red
Genuine Orange
Primary Yellow
Black Black
Pure White
in one's mail box today! I love creme bases and does anyone understand what it's like to feel an uncontrollable urge pulsate throughout their body? I am in such despair. Alas, I must go. As all felines do, we hide out, lick our wounds and arise again.

Pray for me!

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