Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Quickie

Hello Felines!
I am hoping all of you lovelies had a wonderful Christmas. I am so sorry for my absence. I had quite the calm holiday, and should have blogged; however, I believe many people were spending time with their families. This year it was very quiet, I saw my parents and have a feeling this will be the last year I have both parents, so I made the trip to their house. Naturally, my father did not put a tree up. In his defense it would have been more trouble being my mother would have gotten into it as her condition is so rampant.
Nevertheless, I spent almost all of my time off surfing the internet trying to find tutorials online. I took pictures, but now I need the USB cable and I purchased a software package for videos only to find out I have movie maker. So between the Sony Vega and Windows Movie Maker, I have been watching tutorials on how to make videos.
I found it funny of the myriad of people I inquired about cameras, editing, etc. a kind person replied by telling me to get a "Canon HD camara." Of course I Googled that phrase with the correct spelling and gave me information overload as it does not indicate enough specifications.
I took solace in watching a random act of kindness on Youtube. A woman was promoting another gent and he said something that was so true, we have become so antisocial with our modern technology that we forget how to be human. He also mentioned that people don't want to help others as they feel it is revealing some "secret." He was spot on to how I feel I subscribed to him and found he was one of the most knowledgeable people who has remained so humble with his profession.
For now, what random acts of kindness do you practice?

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