Thursday, December 18, 2008

This week's Guest Guru!!

Oh my goodness...I love to laugh, but it happens rare. I am not one of those felines who laughs out loud. When I do, it's so refreshing, but this weeks guest made me lol. I can count on one hand how many times I laughed out loud this year. This was number three. The one before that was the shoe dodge by George W. Why does he always have the sh*t eating grin on his face? I digress.
Unless you have been living under a rock like I have, you have already subscribed to Leesha *aka xsparkage* on Youtube. She is one of the Lionesses of makeup gurus since the advent of doing makeup for others to watch and learn since day one.
Whilst I am not an avid follower, I did stumble across this clip and though it may not be intended to provide humor, I could not stop laughing at the disdain provoked at the thought of makeup junkies getting their fix with testers.
What's more, I have never used testers, not for sanitary purposes but I usually know what I want when I make a purchase, I swatch things on my paw first. Maybe in the back of my mind it's been ingrained that it is quite unsanitary, but the notion of it alone causes our frisky feline to almost break out in hives. Each time the thought of using a tester comes into her mind, she gets quite skeeved.
I must raise my paw to this lovely kitty, she's spot on with her advice; however, so many of you are still not going to heed the advice.

Purr on my purrfect felines,


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