Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beauty Bite

Hey Gorgeous,

I have something I want to include in my blogs and they are going to be "bites." It's a cute spin on our theme which correlates to how I love black panthers but want to include more than panthers, so we have pumas, cougars, lions, kittens, cheetahs, et al. What would be better than to add a bite? Or bites will be tips for achieving, maintaining, or incorporating our physical, mental and spiritual health.

I am guilty of loving mascara, and having a fetish for eyelashes hence, my current research on growth products for lashes. I went to ULTA yesterday because I was researching the Peter Thomas Roth product for eyelash growth, a blog for another day. While the sales assistant was pushing the product, the voice in my head was speaking about lash healthy.
I think my obsession and research has me observing everything I do to my eyelashes and one of the epitome's has been the damage we do in the quest for beauty.
If you use mascara, especially waterproof mascara, you may want to consider conditioning your lashes. Sound silly? Well, mascara is an extension of your health and part of your health is maintenance. We maintain our hair on our head, but think of all the rubbing, tugging, washing and scrubbing we do to our eyes. We lose lashes, and they also have a growth cycle. Why is it we don't think to condition them as well?
Heated eyelash curlers sound like a recipe for split ends and other damage, not to mention if you are one of those who curl your lashes AFTER applying mascara? Or, if you use a blow dryer for heating your lash curler.
All it takes is a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly, jojoba, vitamin E or another oil along your eyelashes every night. What's more, some people have found Castor oil to help the condition of their eyelash and assist in making them appear longer. I can't report that to be proven; however, I also can't report it to be something to cause further harm. What is your opinion, this is interactive and I encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Stay Beautiful and love often,



madison said...

I tried the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler because there was a write up in InStyle magazine about it, and that this heat from Hot Lashes actually softened the eyelashes.
Some beauty expert talked about it and recommended this one, Hot Lashes. I got it and love it~ My lashes stary curled longer and they have not been damaged at all. They are softer.
I too am a Lash junkie, I love all things Lashes. My eyes are small, but when I curl my lashes they are 5 times bigger.
Big difference, love the Hot lashes heated curler, best ever.

Aliya Smith said...

Lovely post you've shared dear. This is actually my favorite stuff. Keep posting.