Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foundation Rave

Hey Dollfaces,

I am happy it's almost Friday, and that's always good. I wound up selling my camera on eBay, happy it sold fast, but in other news...
I did an experiment with Revlon Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin. I have the oiliest T-zone that I should have called this blog T-zone because that sums up my makeup experience in one word. Never mind.
I have had this bottle in Caramel for half a year or so, but have been dabbling in all of these new releases from high end brands such as MUFE, Bobbi, Stila, MAC, et al, and read a review about this product on Epinions. So, I gave myself one week to sport this and see how it agrees to my sensitive, oily and quick to break out skin.
The product claims it will "stay for 16 hours" but I did have to blot my face throughtout the day and I never wear makeup for sixteen hours, not ever as I like to wash my face and rarely do I wear foundation during my work week.
The good thing about this, it doesn't rub off. Each time I blot my face I did a sneak peak to see how much foundation would transfer to the napkin and I had very minimal. Not that I am a huggy person, as I am not, but I don't like my foundation to transfer to clothes.
In addition, I might have to say I like this foundation more than the Studio Sculpt as it didn't irritate my skin. If you have the opportunity to get to a drugstore during a Revlon buy one get one free, I would recommend having one of these in lieu of your everyday foundation.

Stay positively fierce,


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