Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hey Sexy,
I found out about a sit called Polyvore and I love it!
I can make up my own fashion designs, styles, outfits for everyseason and from head to toe with the click of the mouse. Now, for me, I'm none to keen about labels, so I can easily recreate the "looks" at thrift stores, vintage clothing boutiques, Ross, F21, et al. But, what this website allows me to do, is to find pieces of clothing similar to those I already have and put an outfit together. I tried it with the above this morning and it suits me perfect, hat especially since it's raining felines and mutts right now ;)
It saves time AND helps to get your creative juices going. In this economy, it's really important to make every penny count and if you can revamp your wardrobe and make it work for you, you will be less apt to splurge on something you "have" to have and find your money troubles are causing you unnecessary stress.
Here are some suggestions:
Don't use credit cards
Shop for makeup, then find ways to recreate the colors in your own stashy
Scan YouTube for tutorials on hair, makeup, nails, and style
Experiment putting together outfits with what you have, if necessary add new buttons, patchwork or fabric dye.
If you feel the urge to spend limit it to an item at a time and once a month maximum.
Felines, we are all feeling the crunch, it depresses me to no end how bad the economy is and the jobless rate. I have never seen so many businesses go under at one time, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better anytime soon. Let's pray for each other and hope for the best :)

Meow for now,


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