Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello Beautiful,
I have been perusing many of the forums, blogs, and YouTube channels and I am really finding something on my heart cherubs. In all of this talk about the best mascara, the best foundation, and the next line of cosmetic trends and fashions for spring, I realize my goal has NEVER been to promote the ideology that people are not okay as they are. I believe it's great to purchase bath oils, fragrance, shoes, cosmetics, et al. but I don't believe people need to be anymore than their best self. So, this is a bit of a disclaimer for this blog.
In addition, I'm not a popular blogger, YouTuber, makeup artist etc., on the web, but I know the person I am in my daily life and the goal I have for myself and others, and it has to do with looking, feeling and obtaining your best. I don't care if I have a huge amount of buzz, but I really do care about promoting self esteem.
I guess the panther is needing to unburden her heart as I think of the next stage of where I want the things I speak, promote or represent to be perceived. My hope is not for subscribers, but I want to create a network of people, primarily women as that is what I understand, who can share their stories, lift one another up, and be a support system for each other.

Love yourself and love others,


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