Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Gorgeous!

I am so sorry about my week long absence; however, I have been learning how to edit my youtube tutorials, organizing my stash, taking care of family, at a training and release parties for Hello Kitty have me knackered. How are you lovelies keeping? The economy is a nightmare, it's really starting to stress me out. I know it's not anything I can control, but being the extra sensitive type, bad news really kicks me in the backside and driving about town, I see SO many business closing it really makes me wonder how far removed from the real world our statesmen/women are? How can I expect someone who makes six figures plus per diem meals, lodging, car allowances, security, staffers, etc. to understand what it means to take a train and bus to work? They are so far removed from Jane Q. Citizen it's almost like me trying to comprehend the perennial homeless people who live on the streets with signs for money. We are in two different worlds.
Enough of that, makeup, art and self worth are what get me to feel inspired. Helping people love themselves and go about the best way of feeling good is what I live for, not positions or possessions.
So, about this MAC Studio Sculpt that has all the Youtube guru's, beauty forums and websites and blogs abuzz. Find out specific details here for in depth details. I was on a few sites (three to be exact) trying to find out the level of consistency, color and finish. I could not get specifics as everyone is a bit different, and I sought specifics on: will it be as good for very fair to the very dark complexions? What type of skin can benefit best, oily, dry or combo? Does the concealer crepe into fine lines? and so on. Well, I did a test run with a sample of each. I find this to be impressive albeit day two, for those with drier skin. The concealor does not fail, but it's color range is a bit tricky, they seem to be a bit off in color and I've read this on a few other reviews.
While I like this, I don't think it's a MUST HAVE right now. So much hype goes into everything MAC releases *await my next post* that people get into a frenzy type love affair with their things and then you wonder, "Didn't this happen when MUFE HD came out? Everyone could not rave enough about HD and now, they've placed those bottles to the side with their reasons for disliking it. Cherubs, be cautious with they hype. There are so many products out there, I would hate to see people thinking they HAVE to have something when all you need you already have. Stay beautiful!

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