Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello Kitty!

How are you my lovely feline friends? Last night I took back the Studio Sculpt I growled about yesterday but have not made a decision the concealer. The concealer is more like the Bobby Brown compact foundations, it's like spackle, but it really does conceal. I don't know what is going on with the MAC makeup artists in my town, but they are having some heartburn lately. Sister girl was so grumpy when she was walking by I said, "You are wearing those heels" and I smiled but she said, "Girl you don't even know." Huh? Not interesting, but usually she's on my neck the whole time I browse. There was no one in the store! But she did say, "Can you believe it? We pushed up the date for Hello Kitty!" I mentioned how great their soiree was but when I looked at her face, I was a bit distressed. She and I have the same colouring and the palette Too Dolly did not look too smart on her. The light blue was horrid! I thought it was chalky on me but she was not a) feeling this collection or b) she didn't put a base on before she applied her shadows, foundation and lipstick. I reckon she had a bad day.
That said, I really cannot get myself into this collection. I have TRIED to find SOMETHING being that I have always loved Hello Kitty and Sanrio, but the collection isn't working for me. I did miss Romping during C-shock; however, 38.00 USD for one eyeshadow? Not a good idea.
I think for me, there has been so much talk about this discussion and the drama from the unexpected overcrowding at the release parties and for me, hype always fails me to be quite honest. I have seen the colours and felines of all shades from nearly invisible to deep mocha and the looks haven't wowed me. Even some of the Tom Cats sporting this have not looked impressive. Yawn...it's just MAC right.

Stay Beautiful,


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