Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urban Decay "Sin" and Randomness

Hello Gorgeous,
I have been coveting bases and later, I'll go on a rant about something in the beauty industry; however, I found that my ULTA does NOT carry "Sin" but Sephora has it in stock for everyone. I was sent an exclusive invite last month for an offer to purchase as an Insider Exclusive but passed. Why would I pay shipping to try something I don't "need" for something I can get at the department store in a few weeks? Go figure that one. Another thing I don't get is how saturated we consumer's are with the need for that "one" item that will "fix" everything.
For instance, I'm going on a very low buy. If I say "no buy" my brain goes into "hoard" mentality and I buy more than I can use in several life times, so I am telling myself everything I tell you. I'm shopping my current stash, challenging myself to dupe a color and save the money, etc.
I have found the root of many problems and think I have it solved. You know I love blogs, forums, and YouTube for makeup knowledge, skill and inspiration. Lately, even though I have posted some videos, I have been very down on myself. I want women of color, dark skinned panthers, brown skinned cougars or leopards et al to see what makeup looks we can "rock." Since I have access and discounts to many brands, I want to try them and give you all an idea as to whether the product is a hit or miss or you make the call. I find that most of the popular "gurus" are not of color. That is why I love Ateyaaa so much but she takes a lot of hits for posting her information and it's mostly by the African American community? I cannot even begin to speak to this, as it really gets on my wick that people will knowingly slag someone online. I know what it's like to be bullied but to have your own peeps slagging you and other ethnicities appreciating you, something isn't right with that. Why are people so, well I know why, but it's sad. What's more, why do people put others on pedestals anyway? I am surprised at the "fans" or "Stans" out there. "Do people really think they can start a romance by leaving a marriage proposal for someone?" Better yet, "How often do women need to tell a man they have dreams or lust for someone on their comments?" In addition, the "follow me on twitter..." and then their marked "private"? Well, I am not one to "ask" for permission to communicate with you so you can grant or deny me, is not going to happen. Unless you are sleeping with me, in my inner circle or something of that nature, what about you can be so "secret." Do people really think they are that important?
Thank you all for allowing me to express my randomness!


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