Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello=Hell No!

Hello Beautiful,

I received an e-mail, rather two from MAC Cosmetics regarding the Hello Kitty Kouture, I saw most of the items but what I did not see was the price tag. Come on MAC, the world is in an economic crisis and you want how much for a sheer mystery powder?
I don't fault them as their are plenty of MAC lovelies who are lining up to take advantage of the limited edition "exclusive" and then post 2342708091 videos on Youtube about how "pretty" it is. It better be SPECTACULAR for $90 USD!!!
It states, "Exclusively for the Hello Kitty Kouture collection: a polished silver Sheer Mystery Powder compact featuring Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow.
10g / 0.35 US OZ
US $90.00
It comes in three colors light medium, medium plus and dark secret. How do you divide the complexions of women on only three color spectrums? Is that part of the elusive mystery? To learn more feel free to read here and maybe you can tell me why I should pay a day's salary for a beauty powder. Bear in mind I can find loads of Hello Kitty at Sanrio, Claire's and other gift stores.

Stay sexy!


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