Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to Beauty = SALE!!!


I apologize for being a hypocrite. You know how I been going on and on about spending less, the economy and my passion for having my friends, which you are, look at some of their spending and the MAC launches? Well, I've been throwing sales and codes at you left and right but I figure, like every cubleader, if my pack of mates are going to spend, then get a bl**dy discount!
Becca Cosmetics is leaving another store. This has me dead curious as to what she's got planned as she left Sephora and now Neiman Marcus. Never mind. Their loss is your gain, so simply click here and shop for all the clearance items you can afford.
What I like about this line most would have to be the variety in shades, especially for women of color/darker skinned and the variety in general. As a makeup artist, I cannot stress enough about having a wide range of colors in your kit. There is nothing more embarassing then being sent to a shoot and not having the right colors and/or having to borrow from another artist. Never a good business practice, so think about that while you spend.

Happy Shopping!


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