Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MAC Style Warriors set to launch May 14th

Hello Beautiful Ones,

According to Temptalia MAC is set to release Style Warriors in time for the competitive summer line up. This collection is warm to my heart for packaging purpose, I love the colors and the jungle themes with animal print packaging. Again, as I repeat time and time again, MAC is notorious for hype and the "leaks" to certain forums, bloggers and websites, adds to the appeal in luring one in. That said, will I purchase anything? Not before seeing the collection in person and at least one week after the release. Hint: How many lovelies were less thrilled about Hello Kitty? How many of you all returned your Studio Sculpt due to break outs or oxidization? That is my point!

I do love advance insider trading though, as it does help in the event I want to ration my funds and allocate by robbing from Peter to purchase Paul.

Good day lovelies!


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