Thursday, March 26, 2009

Katy Perry at the Brits!

Hey Lovely Ones,

You know, I kinda like Katy Perry. Her songs are catchy and music like that is sort of brain candy for me. It's simple, not angry, it leaves me feeling silly rather than angry, or depressed and I love some really intense tunes, but I find her and Lady Ga Ga to be quite fun. I don't think of them as icons when it comes to style, but I do like their ability to be daring and not take their look so serious. I went to Polyvore, and found they can match you up with an outfit similar to what your looking for.

I was feeling bored, and a bit tired and wondering what my summer look will be. I tend to stay in a comfort color (black) and only vary my hair for VERY special occassions, so I was surfing around for styles and came across the one of Katy Perry at the Brits. When I tried to get something similar online, I got matched with this:

Although it's not my style, it's great that there is a place to go if you want to channel your inner rock, hip-hop, or country music star. I think you should find a look outside of your standard style, and see what Polyvore comes up with for you. It's okay to unleash your inner fierceness, you can always return to your familiar.

Meow for now loves,


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