Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iman Cosmetics

Hey Gorgeous Felines,

I had planned to do a review of a product; however,it has been the worst experience in customer service yet for me. I really am passionate about women, darker women especially, learning and harvesting all of the internal and external things to feel better about themselves. Makeup is just part of it, but being the primary source of this blog, I carry a responsibility to educate, motivate and participate in the wellness of those who take the time to read, whether that be zero or two million. So, when a product doesn't come coupled with the desire to want to give more, I get a little "tense" when I feel a company is blowing me off.

So, I was perusing my makeup bag and heard IMAN cosmetics was no longer around. Well, I did some research and found the website was still intact, and what's more there is so much information from makeovers, looks, and step by step instructions right here and learn tips and tricks to get the above looks! Have a go! I am going to try the Song look since it is subtle enough for my day job.

Meow for now!


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