Monday, March 2, 2009

The Silica Soap opera

Hello Gorgeous,
As always, I take a laid back approach to much of the hype online as it pertains to beauty. It's really curious that people will praise something one week and the next week it's down the drain. It's a wise decision to remember that the majority of the time, haste does equal waste.
While keeping up to date is part of my decision as a beautician and journalist, I have to remember that there are cycles. For example, the Hello Kitty hype. MAC has this way of "leaking" product release information and huge blogs such as Temptalia or Specktra, obtain information and publish it and all of a sudden the buzz gets going. Great for press, sales, etc., but to consumers we need to be more wise with our choices. Are the colors that different than what is already available or dupeable? Is this something that I cannot live without and will not be similar to another release or item already in your collection? Will this product work with me, or will I have to "tweak" it to make it work?
For me, if I am making a purchase, I don't want to purchase three other items to make the color work for me, *cough, Lavender Whip, cough, cough*?
Another thing I think given the current economy is, "Is this a good investment?" Ever since I began asking myself if my purchase was a worthwhile investment, my impulse buying has decreased almost 50%. When you begin to think of your money as an investment, you will spend it differently.
I digress. About a year ago all the buzz was about Makeup Forever's HD silica face finishing powder. Not long after, Coastal Scents launched their version. Recently, there has been an ongoing debate as to the damage silica does in terms of one's health. I have not done research, but I guarantee if I were to do an inventory of all the items I interact with, breathe, eat, drink, wear, I may as well start planning my funeral. Please don't get caught up in any hype as if you wait long enough, like many of the "cult" favorite foundations which broke people out, or you have scene Youtubers promote a brand and in their daily routine they don't use it, you are better off saving your money and finding your own routine.



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