Monday, November 30, 2009

How to get a Flawless Face!

I really think "flawless skin" is an anomoly in most cases but the idea that people can show others "how to get a flawless face!" is a bit of a misnomer.  The only way, short of genetics, to get a "flawless face" is via photoshop.  Sure, there are a plethora of ways to improve your skin's appearance, but makeup is just a bandage.  There are tons of theories and studies about the impact of: water, greasy foods, birth control, chocolate, et al. which has some great arguments both pro and con.  I would like to offer some solutions for anyone looking to improve their skin's appearance before tweaking everyday imperfections such as under eye bags, spots, and skin discoloration.
  1. See a dermatologist!  A medical practitioner can help you detect and direct you to what will best suit your skin's individual needs.
  2. Discuss medications which may help or are hurting your skins ability to clear itself with a medical advisor.  Over the counter remedies are good, but there are some products (Accutane, birth control, retinoids, etc.) which may help improve your skin's appearance.
  3. Don't stress!  Everyone has times where there skin get angry.  I've stated repeatedly how nothing works to slow the production of oil my glands produce.  I've accepted it and keep a napkin or some form of blotting tissue with me all day and follow a regimen.
  4. Once you establish a regimen that works document your skin's progress.  You want to know if there is any improvement or reaction as a result.  You should not have skin that is itching unless your medical practioner indicated there may be a side effect, in which case, contact them and let them know.  Don't wait six weeks, when a simple call or follow up may determine this method is not working and your skin is having an allergic reaction.
  5. Don't compare your face to anyone else's!  We are not all created equally the same.  Some people put in   a bit of work before you see the final product.  You will learn to do the same.
  6. Research!  Get out there and start researching any and every skin care board you can.  Before you spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on products which may or may not work, do research.  People will sell you snake oil with a promise of it being the fountain of youth.  Claims that any cream is better than Botox can't be so effective if people are still having the procedure done.  Creams are topical, they moisturize, protect and soften your skin, but that's just a small portion.  Go to MUA's skin board and interact with the people there, they have a plethora of knowledge and are willing to share.
  7. Give your skin time to heal.  I've heard that human skin does not "breathe" per se; however, it does help to ease up on the amount of product we put on it if for no other reason than the plethora of ingredients in each item (primer, concealer, foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlight, etc.) Each of those are composed of various ingredients.  If you do wear all of this, WASH YOUR FACE!!
  8. Accept yourself, flaws and all!  We all have them, some may not be on our face, some have the cellulite, others have cankles, but what you look like is not who you are.  Stop comparing yourself and focus on things you are good at and as if by some magic you will realize you spend less time obsessing about what you look like.

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