Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bachelor/Bachelorette: Musings...

So...whilst ventilating last night, I sat and watched/listened to this show and, yet again a show with promise, disgusted me.  I resent the idea there is a formula to which one can ascertain who is "spouse" material over cocktails and conversation.  Seriously?  It's quite embarrassing if it's authentic, but if it's scripted made for shits and giggles, I get it, but there seem to be great acting or real emotions involved. 
Can you really "know" someone, in a few weeks, from meeting on a reality show?  Well enough to take a vow and mean it?

(cattle call looking for "love" seen her?)
So I'm watching these guys, mostly good looking if I'm honest, and they all remind me of "that guy" you know the one in school who just had to be cool? They usually massage their ego by insulting girls in front of their friends or saying/making obscene gestures to the "it girls" on campus.  I loathed walking past them. *sits in corner and rocks* They were the people who made my life hell and now want to add me on Facebook
So, these guys watch each other try to impress one (1) female. That's odd right there.  It's like an orgy or something I would feel uncomfortable watching live.  They lust over her, tell her all these compliments, and then tell the producer "audience" why guy "x" is wrong, but he is the "man for the job."  I felt like I was watching animals in the wild.  Even I would be uncomfortable with all of that ass kissing attention from so many blokes in one place.  What's more, she kisses them!  Seriously?  In front of the other pursuers?  Then goes on another date?  Come on son, this isn't really happening in 2010 is it?  I can see the conversation with their grand kids, better yet, they end up on the Real Losers Housewives of _________ in a few years.  Nice!

(no panel just instincts)
At least with the singing shows there is perspective of some sort.  Even drunk, you can always count on that one friend that says, "Gee...I dunno..." but here is this one girl and her herd of Prince Charming's who are ALL telling her what it takes to get her panties to hand them a rose.  Seriously, are they going to admit they have bad credit, a DUI, or abused their last girlfriend.  So you say, "They do background screenings and check all that."  Well, tell that to the family of the woman found dead by a contestant for the VH-1 show Megan wants a Millionaire.  Exactly!  It's one thing to meet someone online, which I've heard more good than bad, but a contestant on a reality show who's goal is to win?  Why would anyone need to go that route if they weren't daft or sick in the head?  Marriage is hard enough, but a time frame, some dates, kissing, etc?  Are you kidding me?  There have been some hits, but more misses.  I don't know if I like what this says about us as a society.  It's quite disturbing that we seem so desperate we will audition for a marital partner and the GLBT community cannot even get Proposition 8 passed.  One group is fighting for the right to marry and the other takes it for granted almost mockingly.

(til death do us part)

Don't get me wrong, I totally get it! We all want someone to grow old with.  Someone to share our good and bad, and be our best friend for life.  Who doesn't feel a bit sick when we see a couple that seems to compliment each other so well they make our teeth hurt?  It's sad how many lonely people there are in the world.  (Post to come) I don't know...this whole thing really upsets me.  There are so many amazing people in the world who are alone.  I, for one, can attest to how lonely the single life can be.  I manage to counter it buy making a list of all the things I can do without a partner (no one asking me where I am, fussing over my hair, weight, etc.) but I truly believe if God meant for us to be alone, he would not have take so much care into creating Eve for us to die alone.
I wish this show wasn't so generic, but I guess that's what we as a society are interested in...*Kanye shrug*


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