Monday, June 7, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Monday and Bloated...

I have to admit I feel a bit of a git posting this.  I don't have an editing software here so, I'm stuck posting raw images.  In addition, I don't know how to use editing stuff, it intimidates me when the vernaculars like layers, brushes, contrast, etc. get involved.  What's more, I don't have the best camera, nor do I have someone to take photos of me. 
In my defense: I'm living somewhere I have no friends, no family, nothing but work and my dog.  If anyone wants to offer suggestions on how to take great photos of myself aside from a tripod and an SLR I would
that a lot.  To be honest, other than a few changes, I'm sort of glad I don't have all that fancy stuff.  I'd probably morph myself into someone who doesn't exist.  I've noticed that a lot on blogs.  No pores, no character, no flaws and they are magazine cover worthy.  *shrugs* Oh well. To the explanation.

Sad face~>

So I'm wearing and Umpire Waist cotton dress I purchased at Ross for about $9.99 and $15.99 shoes also Ross.  I'm not keen on the dress, but I'm bloated, very hot and not sleeping well.  I have a pear shape, so I wasn't sure how this would suit me.  I realize they aren't every one's taste; however, I like the fact they can be dressed up with accessories.  I wore a simple pashmina wrap, a necklace I made myself, with matching earrings and my AK watch and bangles.  I realize it's not Oscar worthy, but this is an option for those of us who have hips/bum and want to wear something in the summer during the extreme heat days. 

(such a deal!)

Thanks for reading!

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