Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alice+Olivia=Payless Buy one get one 50% off!

Remember my rant to Target re: Cynthia Vincent?  Umm yeah, I didn't take that so well.  I told them to suck it how I was not pleased with their limited availability. So, I took it on the chin and found two pairs of smart heels at Payless !  I think each pair were $39.99 so I think when I finished with stacking coupons, I paid shy of $50.  This pair was a mistake.  Oops! I thought I selected the gladiator platforms Dulce has and the clogs, but these were what I chose.  They were meant to be a dusty pink, but they appear more of a bone color in actuality.  They are comfortable, and true to size.  The only con is the straps.  I don't know how I feel about the bow.  I may switch it forward to the front or remove it and attach some clips to jazz them up.  I know they are trendy, not suited for long hours of wear, nor do I expect them to be "classics" I will wear for seasons to come, but they're fun for the summer.

(side view of the platform)

(sorry bout the cord, here's the jewel I may attach)

Over all, I like these shoes.  My feet are in dire need of assistance, but I am not used to this new camera, and haven't figured out how to get the best out of it.  I prefer the cheap one I had, it took better photos.  I'd recommend these shoes for summer dinner parties, maybe dancing and definitely weddings.  They have potential, but I don't see me "loving" these as much as the other pair.


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