Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pores no More?

I think I'll pull my hair out strand by strand if I read, hear or watch another ill informed person tell people how to "eliminate their pores."  I've heard it all. 
Rinse with cold water to close your pores... Guess what? Pores aren't like doors, they don't open and close.
To seal your pores, use toner...Only if you have them painted on your face can you seal them.  That would take polyurethane not toner.
I could go on, but I like to get right to the point.  You cannot get rid of your pores without sandblasting your face!!!
There are things you can do to minimize the appearance, but stop buying products aimed at eliminating or reducing the size of your pores.  Your pores are part of your skin, and they can be less noticeable if you keep them unobstructed.  Your skin gets oily, dirty, etc. and your pores swell.  Toners, lemon, apple cider vinegar are ways to give the illusion of shrinking them, but they are still there.  There isn't any miracle over the counter product you can use to make them go away.
Don't cry, all hope is not lost.  You know the strawberry nose epidemic?  The blackheads that form on your nose giving you that strawberry like effect?  Those can be eliminated, albeit temporarily.  I don't recommend Biore strips.  I used to love them until I started buying things from Asia.  This is how it started.  Wow!  I didn't know there was stuff out there that existed, and good on Wendy for being brave enough to put her nose out there.  I'm not about to do the same.  Though I did try that product and loved it, it's a constant chore for me.  Upon speaking with a dermatologist, I need sandpaper at least 2% beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on a rotating basis.  I was told to avoid these:

(just say no)
Those tools, if not handled properly, will only wreak more havoc on your skin and may lead to scarring.  Great, pores, blackheads and scars.
I don't believe using those at home remedies will cause harm to your skin if used in moderation.  What I don't want is for anyone to get their hopes set up on spending money to obtain results which aren't possible without a visit to the derm.  It sucks, but oily skin is what it is.  We produce oil and others don't.  Instead of dry, flaky skin, we have a permanent shine and it increases which causes pores to adjust to the collection of sebum/oil.  It's life, we all have flaws, but thank God we have ways to photoshop minimize the appearance.

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